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Best classic book collections

There are many different sites online that offer free children's books to read or listen to. Here are some places to read, create, and share free children's books online. Different reading resources for children, including a wide range of illustrated books that can be read for free online. Books are easy to locate using the search features and are often available in multiple languages.

This amazing resource provides one of the best classic book collections that can be found online. Many of the books include illustrations and can be read on the web using a customizable reader.

The site offers free books and other material that can be used to teach small children how to read. This site is devoted entirely to children's books. Kids can read free books online, create and print their own books, and share reading recommendations with other members. Illustrated books for younger children, older children, and young adults. All books can be read for free online. This volunteer-driven project provides a large online library of illustrated antique books for children of all ages. New books are added to the site each week. 

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